Combining innovation and Apulian tradition: the restaurant staff serving at your wedding.

At Gattarella, the love of green is also expressed in our signature restaurants: here your wedding will have all the taste of Puglia with eco-friendly locally sourced menus and exquisite seasonal products from Gargano. Gastronomic delights of land and sea, inspired by the genuine tradition of Puglia and reinterpreted with love, together with an original selection of Mediterranean flavours, for a wedding that also surprises the palate.

Our chef will be at your disposal not only to help you create the menu of your dreams, but also to offer you all the natural quality of the best restaurants in Puglia, bringing them together for your wedding in the Gargano through different combinations of taste, shape and colour. For those who wish, we also offer molecular gastronomy menus.

Our chef is happy to discuss options with the to-be-weds to create the perfect menu together.

When it comes to deciding on the menu, the Gattarella staff work with the to-be-weds to create together a true sensory experience of scents, colours and flavours that reinterpret the genuine Apulian tradition of land and sea.

The right ingredients for a wedding with a capital “W”

Every wedding is a recipe that can be put together in endless ways to make it a personal and unique experience. Planning a wedding is a bit like cooking: we do it with passion, creativity, love for nature and careful attention to detail.

This is our recipe for a successful event

the combination of the sun, the sea, the scents of Puglia, the genuine aromas of the kitchen garden, original golden olive oil produced in-house, and the skilful hands of professionals who work in harmony create the inimitable taste of your special day.

The marvellous arrangements and the staff’s careful attention to detail will do the rest for a wedding as beautiful as the Gargano sun and as blue as the Apulian sea.

In addition to the dishes to be served at the table, you also have the option to set up tempting tasting islands: fried food, raw foods, fresh mozzarella, desserts… A variety that satisfies the palate, allows for greater socialisation among guests and offers the advantage of not having to sit down at the table for hours.